Meshing the geometry

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Meshing the geometry

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After the parameters were specified in the mesh parameters panel, the geometry can be meshed. To mesh a geometry click on the button "Generate". This button is enabled only if a valid geometry was loaded.

Compute mesh button enabled

Compute mesh button enabled

The diagram shows the internal processes of CFturbo2ICEM:

Mesh generation process

Mesh generation process

First, the tetra mesh will be generated by using the selected method (see Tetra mesh method for more information). Then, the prism layers will be created (see Global prism parameters for more information). Finally, the mesh will be smoothed and saved. For impellers and stators, the periodicity will be checked as well. Additional checks or smoothing can be executed using the proper ICEM-CFD available tools (see Interaction between ICEM and CFturbo2ICEM for more information).

Internally the process is more complex. The info window will display the whole process progress.


1.Run selected tetra mesher

2.Basic smoothing of the tetra mesh

3.Check periodicity (only for impellers and stator)

4.Reorient shell elements consistently

5.Save tetra mesh

6.Write *.prism_params file necessary for the mesh process

7.Run prism mesher

8.Basic smoothing of the tetra-prism mesh

9.Check periodicity (only for impellers and stator)

10.Save tetra-prism mesh

Once the mesh process is finished, the button "Export" will be enabled.