Loading the geometry

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Loading the geometry

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Loading a geometry for a selected component explicitly is possible using the interactive run mode only. The button will be enabled only if the components list is not empty.

Follow the next steps to load a geometry:

1.Load components

2.Select a component from the component list

3.Change import settings if desired using the "Input settings" dialog

4.Click on the button "Import"

If a geometry and/or mesh exists, you will be asked for canceling the process if you want to save it first.

Close existing geometry and/or mesh

Close existing geometry and/or mesh

The diagram shows the internal processes of CFturbo2ICEM:

Geometry generation process

Geometry generation process

After loading the *.stp file the necessary families for the meshing process will be created and finally thincuts and mesh parameters will be set. Internally the process is more complex. The info window will display some information about the progress.



1.Load the STEP-File using the selected reader

2.Set proper family names

3.Set triangulation tolerance to the value set in CFturbo

4.Scale geometry using selected import units

5.Perform build topology

6.Identify curves and give them proper names (only
for components of type impeller and stator)

7.Remove internal curves and points

8.Create material points

9.Set mesh parameters and thincuts

10.Save geometry (*.tin file)

11.Reload geometry

Once the geometry is loaded, the button "Generate" will be enabled allowing to start the mesh generation process.

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