Interaction between ICEM and CFturbo2ICEM

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Interaction between ICEM and CFturbo2ICEM

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CFturbo2ICEM allows the user to interact with all tools available in ICEM-CFD.

This capability can be very useful in some situations. For example, if the user wants to set special mesh parameters for some geometrical entities as curves or surfaces, this parameters can be set manually using the proper tool in ICEM. No errors will be produced in the meshing process using CFturbo2ICEM.

In other situations it could be necessary to repair a surface mesh manually and then use it as start point for further mesh processes.

Geometrical modifications are possible too. If a geometry imported from CFturbo contains geometrical problems (for example gaps or missing points or curves) the user can repair the geometry manually and then continue with the meshing process.

After any manual modification of the geometry or mesh it's recommended to save the modifications in order to be able to use the files in further work sessions. The files have to be saved into the right directory and with correct names. For more information about directories structure and file names see "Files and directories conventions".

Smoothing mesh, checking mesh quality and validation mesh processes can be made using the proper ICEM-CFD tools as well. CFturbo2ICEM executes such processes with the default ICEM-CFD settings. However, additional actions could be necessary or interesting for the user depending on the own know-how. Such additional processes have to be performed before finishing and exporting the mesh.