Files and directories conventions

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Files and directories conventions

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Start point to use CFturbo2ICEM successfully are two files for each component:


File with information about the component and parameters specified in the ICEM Export Panel of CFturbo


File with the exported geometry from CFturbo

All these files have to be located in the same directory for each component. Some other files will be generated for all processed components by running the different processes of CFturbo2ICEM.

The following example illustrates the file structure created by CFturbo2ICEM.

The sample CFturbo project contains four components. The selected basis for the export was Compressor (see CFturbo documentation for more information about export settings):

Component name

Component type

Compressor impeller


Radial diffuser


Pinch diffuser




For all three components, *.tinXML and *.stp files were exported from CFturbo and saved into the directory called lpp_15_imp_03. This directory was selected as working directory in CFturbo2ICEM. The scripts create a new folder called cfturbo2icem in the working directory. All files created by CFturbo2ICEM will be saved into this folder.

Files created by CFturbo2ICEM

Files created by CFturbo2ICEM



Files exported from CFturbo




*.tin geometry file. It will be generated by loading the step file.

*.uns file with the surface mesh. It can be used for re-mesh options.

Folder with files generated if the meshing method "Octree" was selected.

Folder with files generated if the meshing method "Delaunay" was selected.

*.cfx5 file to import the mesh in CFX-Pre.

*.fbc boundary conditions file (automatic generated by ICEM)
*.prj ICEM project file

*.stl file containing the triangulated surface mesh

*.tin geometry file. Final geometry file.

*.uns mesh file. Contains the final tetra-prism mesh.

*.uns mesh file. Contains the tetra mesh only and can be used for re-mesh options.

For impellers and stators, a suffix is added to the component name in order to name the files. If the option "Single blade passage" was selected in the mesh parameters panel, the suffix "SP" is used. For the option "Full (360º)" the suffix "F" is used instead.

As explained in the section Interaction between ICEM and CFturbo2ICEM, if you modify the geometry or the surface mesh manually, it's recommended to save the modifications in order to be able to use the files in further work sessions.