Changing mesh parameters

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Changing mesh parameters

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Initially, the user defines the mesh parameters under "Parameters" in the "Export" dialog of CFturbo. Please see CFturbo documentation for detailed information. The mesh parameters will be saved in the *.tinXML file.

Once a component is loaded in CFturbo2ICEM, the button "Parameters" will be enabled. By pressing this button a dialog will be displayed.

Mesh parameters panel

Mesh parameters panel

This panel contains not only the parameters specified in the "Export" dialog of CFturbo but some additional ones. Mesh parameters can be modified before or after the geometry is loaded for the selected component in the components list.

For the first time the original CFturbo values are displayed, whereas later the panel can contain some modified values. Original values from CFturbo will never be lost. You can always reload these values by pressing the button "Reset".

Please note:

If you load the *.stp file during the "Load geometry" process, the created *.tin file will be saved with the current mesh parameter values.

If you open an existing *.tin file via "Load geometry", the current mesh parameters will be used.  

If you want to preserve the parameter information for further mesh operations, please use the "Save" or "Save As" options available on the panel. See saving mesh parameters for more information.